"Productive Monday Morning: Projects, Intentions, and Explorations"

Jan 29, 2024 - 11:07amSummary: The speaker did not complete their weekly review, which usually provides clarity and insights for the upcoming week. Despite this, they have many projects, personal life commitments, and community efforts to attend to, not to mention taxes. They plan to set week intentions using voice instead of writing, including the exploration of websites for the Diagram Website Explorers Club and developing a Canvas element-based editor for Daily Jam. The technical aspects of this project involve real-time data updates, efficient pixel manipulation, and secure user authentication through tokenization. A function is set to run every five seconds to update the canvas with the latest pixel data, ensuring all viewers see a consistent image while minimizing performance impacts. Other tasks include preparing tax paperwork, organizing Boulder events for systems and AI, and sketching ideas for a project called "co-net." The intention is to spend more time outdoors in the nice weather and to schedule the next "Site Craft Hang," while thinking about potential content for the "Explorers Club" website. Overall, it's a productive Monday morning with good weather contributing to a positive start to the week.

Transcript: Good morning. In light of not having finished my weekly review yesterday, because I was a bit behind, and frankly, finally got around to it, and was just interrupted by a good thing, which was three or four familiar faces in a coffee shop. And I was like, okay, it's time for social things. This could wait. I might get back to my weekly review later today. But in light of not finishing that, and one thing that my weekly review does tend to give me is a bit of clarity about the week ahead and insights on what maybe I should focus on and what I want to do. And there are a lot of things that I want to focus on. There are a lot of projects that are on the stovetop, so to speak. And all of them need various types of work. And there's also my personal life and community efforts that Savannah and I are doing here. And just taxes. And it is just a lot. So I figured it might be interesting to try to explore this and kind of to go at this with voice instead of writing, as I usually do, to set some intentions for the week. And I think I'm going to do this in two parts. One is a burrito place intention, which is to explore some of the websites, at least one website per day that we'll be exploring on Friday at the Diagram Website Explorers Club. And either put my notes in here as a voice note or as text or a screen recording, which might be the most interesting. DVD on how that pipeline looks and if that's the most appropriate thing. But that's my burrito place intention. And hopefully that dovetails nicely with the actual sort of intention minigame for week one that CJ and I were talking about yesterday. But then there's also the intentions of what I actually want to get done this week and what I want to figure out and all that. So starting from the top of my list, there's a bunch of stuff to do dev-wise, which I don't think is a place to get into it. It's all pretty broken down in Obsidian already. But one interesting one is getting a Canvas element-based editor working for Daily Jam. That one is weighing on me because I know it's possible. And the old editor was not built for real-time bidirectional data streaming. So full rebuild feels a little daunting but also appropriate. And now seems to be the time to explore some new mechanics because there's a bunch of new metas floating around. Everybody's dropping tokens, meme coins, Warpcast has got frames. There's just enough interesting energy in the air that dropping a new shape for real-time artwork seems fitting. So really the goal is to try and already have a 10 by 10 grid with pixel detection quick working. So I think I just need a way to have it specify the size and exact number of pixels and snake around the canvas, so adding one pixel at a time until we get to a full square and then moving on to the next layer and make sure that works in reverse as well. When a 1155 is burned, that goes away and makes the canvas smaller. And then I need real-time data floating in and out. So Superbase basically being able to say, hey, there's a new color at 312 by XYZW. Draw that without making the page lag. And simultaneously have Superbase give us a JWT that's a valid token, which I have talked about in Burrito before, so I wonder if that'll find this entry. But that token will help authenticate the user for being able to do a real-time WebSocket right to the pixels table. And every other client that's listening will know about that. I'm also thinking about a backstop. function running every five seconds or so to just get the latest worth of pixels maybe it may be even less by their updated that time and just make sure that those are drawn and correct on the canvas hopefully it's not a huge performance hit but it'll catch any errors and make sure everybody's looking at reasonably the same canvas might not be exactly you want to get as close as so that's probably the most most like difficult sort of gnarly programming task yeah other intentions are to file all the paperwork I need for my taxes and along some messages for events for hosting in Boulder probably the systems meet up systems and AI maybe make some sketches for my co-net yeah well I also another intention maybe this is another runner-up for a real place but I'm more interested in the very social dense information one is just getting outside as much as possible whether it's really nice my cold or whatever this has been is almost almost gone and it's feeling like now's the time to get outside it's really nice really nice out here yep probably scheduled the next site craft hang and send that invite around that's been going nicely and do a little work to prepare and think about diagrams that website Explorers Club what most fun anything that could be sent around today before people to start chewing on and anyways to make the introductions a little smoother and faster so I think those are the biggest things and yeah pretty great so far pretty good Monday morning sunny good day

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