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"City Cruising: The Rise of Modern Electric Bicycles"


Mar 4, 2024 - 1:27pm

EVs for the win

Two electric bicycles are parked side by side, locked to a bike rack. These bikes feature a sleek, modern design with primarily white frames accented by black components. Both are equipped with rear cargo racks, and one has a black basket attached to it. The handlebars show a clear design with ergonomic grips and straightforward controls, indicating a user-friendly interface. The setting is outdoors with a brick pavement, and in the background, there are bare trees and a wooden fence behind which residential houses can be seen.

Calm in the Café: A Naropa Weekly Reflection

Goss-Grove, Boulder - Boulder County, Colorado

Mar 4, 2024 - 10:47am

weekly review time with Sav AG and Alvin @ Naropa cafe

A cozy cafe setting with Tibetan prayer flags strung across the ceiling. Sunlight filters through large windows, casting a warm glow on the indoor plants and the rustic wooden furniture. A person stands at a counter in the back, while another person with long hair sits at a table in the foreground, partially blurred in motion. A laptop is open on a table in the lower right corner, its screen filled with numerous icons, next to a black coffee mug and a plate with a half-eaten treat. The colorful flags feature intricate designs and text, contributing to the serene and eclectic atmosphere.

"Struggling to Learn FL Studio: Navigating Challenges and Seeking Solutions"

Mar 3, 2024 - 7:13pm

The individual is encountering challenges while trying to learn FL Studio. They express frustration in understanding the software and are struggling to find resources to address specific issues. The person reflects on their background in software development and notes the difficulty of learning new applications after a long time. They seek a more intuitive way to navigate and troubleshoot within FL Studio. Despite the challenges, they express gratitude for the software's capabilities and recognize its potential.

"Preserving Work and Experiences: Challenges and Solutions"

Mar 2, 2024 - 11:00am

The author is reflecting on the challenges of effectively showcasing their work on the internet, particularly in relation to portfolios and resumes. They express frustration with the limitations of resumes in capturing the depth of their experience and contributions. Additionally, they discuss the ongoing financial and practical challenges of maintaining online projects and the importance of preserving past work for the benefit of future creators. The author considers using as a potential solution but expresses reservations about outsourcing this responsibility to a non-profit organization. They ultimately prioritize the use of such resources for preserving knowledge that benefits the broader community rather than their own personal or professional work. The speaker is exploring the idea of preserving their work and experiences in a meaningful and sustainable way. They express concerns about relying on external platforms like and consider alternatives such as hosting their own content and encoding it into a lower fidelity medium. They also discuss the concept of creating their own encapsulation and representation of their work, which they hope will be more long-term sustainable. The text discusses the idea of creating a collaborative storytelling and writing platform that acts as a memory time capsule by archiving and snapshotting links. It addresses the challenge of link rot and suggests that decentralized hosting and a network of machines could potentially help in the future. The text discusses the concept of a scoped IPFS that functions similar to RAID, where each file is known only once but stored multiple times based on its significance. It also touches on the importance of data permanence on the internet, addressing concerns about archiving family photos and trusting companies like iCloud to maintain data indefinitely. The author questions if they should trust these companies and expresses uncertainty about the longevity of their data stored on such platforms.

The Harmony of Creativity

Boulder, Colorado

Mar 1, 2024 - 11:07pm

The setting is a dimly lit room with ambient lighting primarily in shades of blue and red. A laptop is open on a table with a music production software interface visible on its screen. In front of the laptop, there's a MIDI keyboard with illuminated pads and buttons. On the wall, there are two framed items, one appears to be a picture while the other is not clearly identifiable due to the lighting. There's a large flat-screen TV turned off on a stand across the room, and various items are scattered on the stand. The soft glow of multicolored lights gives the room a creative and relaxed atmosphere. There's a water bottle on the table and a person's feet are casually placed on an additional piece of furniture, indicating a comfortable, informal setting.

"Navigating Complexity: Insights from Finalizing and Shipping a Product"

Feb 28, 2024 - 5:26pm

The text provides insights into the challenges of finalizing and shipping a product, highlighting the complexities of resetting and managing various states and default values. It also touches on the need to consider potential issues and the importance of thorough testing. The author reflects on potential improvements for future projects, such as incorporating safeguards for duplicate signatures and considering time-based randomization. Additionally, the text emphasizes the importance of attention to detail, particularly in visual aspects, during the final stages of development and deployment. The speaker discusses their increasing comfort with refactoring and componentizing complex structures. They express excitement about making code more readable and coherent, although the components are currently specific to the project. The speaker notes the trade-off between using brain cycles to save CPU cycles and vice versa, while also reflecting on past regrets and lessons learned. They emphasize the importance of simplifying and automating processes to reduce complexity and potential confusion. Additionally, they mention the need to minimize the number of possible states to maintain control and avoid tangled situations. The text contains various thoughts on working with render loops and passing signals as props in React components. The author also discusses the importance of validating metadata before deployment in order to avoid costly mistakes on the main net. Additionally, the author reflects on the need for breaks during long coding sessions and the frustration of having to rename components. Overall, the text reflects the author's experiences and insights while working on a project.

"Scenic Mountain Bike Lane: A Safe and Inspiring Ride"

Frazier Meadows-Boulder

Feb 24, 2024 - 1:23pm

Saw this new bike path installed, loved it - low cost, high effectiveness. More please!

A roadway stretches into the distance with a prominent bike lane on the right-hand side, separated from the main road by a row of concrete barriers, ensuring cyclists' safety. Clear blue skies and a mountain range serve as the backdrop. The lanes are marked by white lines, and there are a few cars visible on the road. There is no text present.

"Rediscovering Beauty in the Alleys"

Feb 23, 2024 - 4:25pm

The text provides details about a long walk taken by the speaker, covering approximately seven miles, with a route that included both trails in the neighborhood and back streets and alleys. The speaker expresses a preference for the diversity and unpredictability of alleys compared to paved streets, highlighting the organic shapes and structures found there. Overall, the walk improved the speaker's mood, and they reflect on the positive effects of movement. The speaker also mentions the possibility of doing more work and appreciating the sunset.

"Effortless Plant Care: Simplifying with a Minimalist Dashboard"

Feb 23, 2024 - 12:43pm dashboard sketch #1

This is a simple dashboard sketch with a minimalist design, centered around plant care. It features a potted plant icon at the top, followed by two lines of text that indicate care instructions for the plant. The text suggests a watering schedule, notifying when the plant wants watering and when it was last watered.

Nurturing Growth: The Power of One Hour

Feb 23, 2024 - 12:43pm

The picture features a stylized sketch which appears to be part of a design for an application interface. At the top, there's a heading that reads 'frenwork dashboard sketch #3'. In the center, there is a three-dimensional illustration of a tree with a rounded, bushy green canopy and a short brown trunk. Below the tree, text states a behavioral tracking statement, indicating frequency of time spent outside. The days of the week are listed with individual letters representing Friday through Thursday, abbreviated as 'F Sa Su M Tu W Th'. The overall theme suggests a personal productivity or well-being application dashboard that encourages spending time outdoors.