"The Power of Positive Thinking"

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What happened to nuclear trains?

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The video discusses the qualities that make a good leader, with Chang highlighting the construction of knowledge pyramids—piling information, knowledge, and insights, and crossing these across different fields. Tsai emphasizes emotional intelligence (EQ), humility, and intellect as core attributes of leadership. Tsai also expresses a belief that the majority of people globally wish for peace and prosperity. Additionally, Tsai notes the continued desire of parents to educate their children in the US due to the country's system that promotes free thinking.

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A train station platform during daytime with clear skies. The platform is equipped with benches and a tactile paving path for accessibility. Multiple rail tracks stretch into the distance, flanked by rows of poles and wires, indicative of an electrified rail system. There is some vegetation and residential buildings visible beyond the tracks on the right side. Two individuals are walking on the platform; one is pulling a suitcase. The structural features include a metal roof overhead and modern lighting fixtures. There's no visible text.

"The Promise of Public Transit: A Personal Awakening"


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While walking in Ocean Beach with Kyle, the author encountered advocates for turning SDG&E into a public utility and expressed enthusiastic support, emphatically agreeing to sign the pledge without persuasion. This experience also reignited the author's interest in infrastructure, particularly in the areas of passenger rail and mass transit in the U.S., and prompted considerations of viable solutions for American transit issues, taking into account economics and lifestyle factors. Their repeated proclamation of curiosity underscores a deep engagement with the topic. The author is intrigued by the possibilities of improving transit infrastructure in the U.S. and is eager to explore this passion further.

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Two people are sitting on a chairlift, with both facing the camera and smiling. The person on the left is wearing a yellow and black jacket with a black helmet and reflective ski goggles. They are holding up their right fist as if knocking on an invisible door. The person on the right is dressed in a black jacket and also wearing a black helmet equipped with reflective ski goggles. They are making a 'hang loose' hand gesture with their right hand, which involves extending the thumb and little finger while holding the other fingers with the palm facing out. Behind them is a bright, clear sky, and the chairlift structure is visible above their heads. Although the image is presumed to be taken at a ski resort, no snow or specific ski equipment can be seen from this perspective.

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A person is seated inside a vehicle, wearing a seatbelt, and making a surprised facial expression with eyes wide open and lips slightly parted. They are extending their right hand forward with the index finger and thumb forming a circle, while the rest of the fingers are relaxed, possibly gesturing 'OK' or indicating that everything is fine. There are various items in the vehicle, including what appears to be a rolled-up yoga mat or poster, a green throw blanket with stripe patterns, and the edge of a black object that could be a bag or some kind of equipment. The background shows a blurred road scene with another vehicle passing by. The vehicle’s interior shows details such as the headliner, a grab handle, and the seatbelt mechanism.



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The text is a single word, likely intended as an exclamation or expression, possibly of Jamaican origin.