"Essential Qualities of Effective Leadership"

Feb 11, 2024 - 9:18pmSummary: The video discusses the qualities that make a good leader, with Chang highlighting the construction of knowledge pyramids—piling information, knowledge, and insights, and crossing these across different fields. Tsai emphasizes emotional intelligence (EQ), humility, and intellect as core attributes of leadership. Tsai also expresses a belief that the majority of people globally wish for peace and prosperity. Additionally, Tsai notes the continued desire of parents to educate their children in the US due to the country's system that promotes free thinking.



Ty CJ for the link.


⁃	What makes a good leader? 

⁃	Chang: knowledge pyramids, information -> knowledge -> insights -> combine across fields

⁃	Tsai: "EQ, Humility, Intellect"

⁃	Tsai: "I still believe 99% of people around the world are peace loving and want to have prosperity for everybody"

⁃	Tsai: "most people around the world, parents still want to send their kids to the US to be educated here and that's because this country has a system that fosters freedom of thinking"

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