"Exploring Crypto and Web3: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration"

Feb 11, 2024 - 9:00pmSummary: - The DEF 2023 session outline suggests starting with introductions around a circle, providing an overview of topics to be discussed. - Participants should share their names, how and when they became interested in crypto/web3, and discuss the defining environment and special aspects that originally ignited their excitement. - The conversation will then explore the concept of a "sandbox" and highlight projects like Loot, Exquisite Land, and Corruptions that fostered a sense of collaborative experimentation. - Further discussion points include strategies to exit a bear market, lessons learned since entering the crypto space, current personal excitement within the industry, concerns, and future prospects based on current trends.


DEF 2023 Questions

Notes: try to sit in a circle

•	Intro

•	Maybe give some outline to what we are gonna talk about

•	Icebreaker - intro yourself with name, when did you get into crypto/web3 and what got you interested

•	What was the environment that got us excited? What was something special about that time, and what pulled us together?

•	Sandbox and how to play together?

•	What projects to you encapsulated the feeling of being in a sandbox together?

•	CC0

•	Loot, Exquisite Land, Corruptions

•	What would bring us out of the bear market, how does this feeling happen again?

•	What did we learn since we initially got into crypto?

•	What are you finding exciting now, particular things that you find interesting that others may not be talking about

•	What are you worried about?

•	Given everything, what does your tomorrow look like? What’s next? 

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Today was eventful with a pleasant dinner party I hosted for Caroline, Patrick, and Kyle, reuniting this group for the first time in two years. The evening was filled with meaningful conversations, vulnerability, and appreciation for the company. I also visited Nick to help with their business spreadsheets, exploring potential additional income. Tomorrow's plans include a bike ride to Mnemonic to spend time writing and reflecting on recent discussions, fueled by energy and an espresso.

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